Living Faith Community Church (LFCC) has refined her vision to include dynamics of church planting as part of their commitment in expanding God’s Kingdom.  In summary it is the 3-M Vision: Movement Dynamics, Missional Community, and Ministry Balance.

Movement Dynamics:
1.     Oneness from common vision and beliefs
2.     Emphasis on cooperation across lines
3.     Devotion to God’s kingdom over self or tribe
4.     Spontaneous growth without top-down command
Movement of church planting with a multi-congregational model 
Missional Community
1) recognizes our post-Christian and Christendom situation,
2) perceives that every part of the church’s life must be geared for outreach and mission,
3) seeks to be a contrast community to the society around, 
4) contextualizes its message to both connect to and challenge our modern and post-modern culture, and 
5) trains and encourages its lay people to do not only evangelism but justice and the integration of faith and work.
Incarnational ministry
Contextual lifesyle
Overseas Missions
Ministry Balance
Connect people to God (through evangelism and worship)
Connect people to one another (through community and discipleship)
Connect people to the needs of the city (through mercy and justice)
Connect people to the culture (through the integration of faith and work)
Prayer Ministry
Support for family life
Theological/Ministry Training