Daily Bible Reading

Dear Church,
At Living Faith Community Church, we want to see our people grow in their faith. The most fundamental and basic way that God has used to grow His people throughout the generations has been through the reading, studying, and meditation of His Word.
As a church, we will be using the link below for our daily bible reading. There are several ways to do this daily reading and reflection. One way is to get the daily email. Another way is to buy the Kindle version. Yet another way is to get the paper book delivered to your house.
I believe that doing this regularly will have a positive impact in our growth as Christians.
We'd like the youth, college students, and adults to all be on the same page as we hear from God through His Word. May we draw near to God, and may God draw near to us, as we begin this.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know (moseschung@lfcc.net).
Best of wishes to everyone in the coming New Year,
Moses Chung
Director of Family Ministries